Obstetrics Care

What Do We Take Pride In?

We provide you with experienced evidence-based and expert care. For over 20 years we have provided care in both developed (Australia, UK and USA) and developing countries (South Africa). During those 20 years we have been exposed to all types of obstetrics ranging from low to high risk in healthy and sick women. We provide you with this wealth of experience and knowledge which can only be gained by time.

90% of the obstetrics practice is located at Cabrini Hospital, Malvern which is an ideal place for both low and high risk obstetrics with all facilities available including I.C.U., operating suites, laboratory and blood transfusion services 24/7 in the unlikely event they are needed.

High risk obstetrics are managed at Jessie Mac Hospital - the private wing of the Monash Medical Centre, where level 3 nursery facilities may be available if required.

We have managed difficult births including breech deliveries and multiple pregnancies. All types of instrumental deliveries and caesarean sections are performed should they be necessary or requested.

Breech deliveries and multiple pregnancies are often encountered. Due to our extensive experience, second opinions are often provided to our colleagues and other patients, who are referred back to their original obstetrician.

Our Obstetrics Services

Personalised, expert care

You may think that pregnancy is a physiological normal function of the reproductive system and just as all hearts beat the same way so all reproductive systems reproduce the same way. Well, you're right.

However, the choices and options are enormous and just as all cars are subtly different so all pregnancies are different. We pride ourselves in offering you choices and help guide you through the maze in "choosing the car for you". YOUR decision is final.

Low and high risk obstetrics

In most industrialised countries obstetric care is provided by midwives who manage the physiological process expertly.

Obstetricians are great value when complications arise. Our medical and midwifery team provide this mix of care.

Caesarean sections

Caesarean sections are performed for various reasons. In Australia approximately 30% of all births are by this method. 20% are planned (elective) and 10% emergency (in labour).

Of the elective caesarean sections, the commonest indication is a previous caesarean section (declining a vaginal birth after a caesarean section). The second commonest indication is patient request after being counselled regarding the benefits and risks.

For emergency caesarean section the most common reason is fetal distress and failure to progress in labour because of the baby’s position.

Vaginal birth with previous caesarean section

Some women may choose to attempt a vaginal birth after having had a caesarean section in the past.

There is very rarely a reason why this is not possible.

Once the benefits and risks have been explained, all things being equal, there is no reason why a vaginal birth after caesarean can’t be undertaken.

Breech Deliveries

If a breech presentation is noted after 36 weeks of pregnancy (when the bum instead of the head wants to come first) various options are available for further management.

We readily perform external cephalic vession (E.C.V) if you so wish after providing you with all the evidence regarding the procedure of turning the baby around.

If this is unsuccessful or declined, once providing you with the benefits vs the risks we are able to perform a breech vaginal delivery or caesarean section.

Second Opinion

We are happy to provide second opinions and can facilitate these with other obstetricians both in the public and private sectors.