Gynaecology Care

Your Health is Important

Womens health is the priority of the practice. As such it provides health and advice on all aspects of gynaecology at all ages of the pre-reproductive, reproductive and post reproductive stages of life.

The practice is evidence based (where evidence exists) and patient centred. Having set up outpatient hysteroscopy clinics on three continents and having performed pioneering laproscopic surgery, the practice is well set up for surgical procedures dealing with abnormal menstruation including painful periods, endometriosis and heavy bleeding.

Fibroids, ovarian cysts and prolapse are managed both conservatively and surgically. Colposcopy is performed and contraception advice provided. IUDS (Intra unterine contraceptive devices) are inserted as outpatients in the consultation or if required in hospital under anaesthetic.

Having worked and trained in the world's first menopause clinic and a 13 year stint at the Jean Hailes Foundation, I have extensive experience in managing peri and post menopausal issues.

Due to my extensive and broad experience, second opinions are often sought by patients and colleagues. Bearing in mind that advice is evidence based, discussed on benefits vs risk basis, with the final decision left in your - the patient's - control.

Our Gynaecology Services

General and complicated gynaecology

Ranging from Well Woman's assessment and routine care to complicated gynaecological problems, the clinic can help assess the problem and if necessary, guide you in the correct direction.

Menstrual Disorders

Can vary from no periods, heavy periods, delayed periods and irregular periods. Break through bleeding, inter-menstrual bleeding, post coital and post menopausal bleeding can all be expertly addressed.


Usually benign (not cancer) growth of the uterine muscle are frequent and most of the time can be managed conservatively. When they become symptomatic, causing bleeding problems, subfertility or pressure symptoms there are many surgical and non-surgical (radiological and medical) options for treatment. The Clinic is well placed to offer you all the options.

Ovarian Cysts

These are also common and usually physiological coming and going depending on your menstral cycle. Occasionally they are symptomatic, causing problems. The vast majority can be managed by laparoscopic surgery. This is very rarely not possible.


Prolapse of the pelvic organs namely the bladder, uterus or bowel is a common finding in women post pregnancy. Occasionally prolapse can affect the bladder, bowel function and present with pressure. Prolapse can be managed conservatively with physiotherapy or pessaries or both and/or by surgery. Our clinic provides all forms of treatment.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Working at Cabrini and Waverley Private (Ramsay Health), facilities exist for all laparoscopic procedures including ovarian cycts, fibroids, prolapse, endometriosis, hysterectomy and sub-fertility investigation.

Insertion of intrauterine device

This is performed both for contraception and menstrual management. Although we advise that the insertion is performed as an outpatient in the Clinic, if the patient desires the procedure can be performed in hospital under anaesthetic.


This period of one's life is often managed in conjunction with endocrinologists depending on assessment.

Infertility/Sub fertility

Not all patients need expensive artificial reproductive technology (IVF) services and most can be managed simply and quickly. The clinic does not provide IVF but if required has access to both Melbourne and Monash IVF Clinics.


All contraceptive options are available including:

  • pills
  • implants (Implanon)
  • placement of IUDs both Mirena and copper containing devices

The insertion procedure can be performed either on site or in the hospital. Whichever the patient decides.