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    an Inspiration

    Expecting a new family member is extremely exciting
    and can also be scary at the same time. Having someone highly experienced
    to guide you through this special journey is crucial in ensuring a
    happy & successful experience.

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  • Need help with gynaecological health?

    We're Here to Help

Personalised, professional & expert care

The obstetric care that we provide is personalised and evidence based, wherever that evidence is available. Often in obstetrics the evidence is lacking and therefore after discussion of benefits vs risks your decision is final. This is your pregnancy. I see my role as guiding and supporting you, helping you to navigate your path through the information which is often conflicting and confusing, arriving at your choice.

We don't charge for a chat!

I believe in collaborative care and employ a midwife to help provide you with details about the options for antenatal care and delivery.

I will see you for a pre-pregnancy visit to ascertain if there is anything that needs to be assessed PRIOR to you achieving a pregnancy.

There is NO out of pocket cost for both consultations. It is preferable that your partner accompanies you.


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